Episode 44

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10th Feb 2023

044: Dr. Mary Martin - Consciousness, Mindfulness & Financial Advice

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How Can Mindfulness Help You Reach Financial Independence?

Do you want to reduce money anxiety, but don’t know who to trust?

Would you like to learn how to set up and manage your own retirement plan?

Do you want to know how we create a passive income stream you can’t outlive?

If yes, join us and learn how to answer the 4 critical financial independence questions:

  • Am I on track for financial independence?
  • What do I need to do to get on track?
  • How do I design a mindful investing portfolio?
  • How do I manage that portfolio and my income over time through changing markets?

Learn more: https://courses.mindful.money/financial-independence-bootcamp

Dr. Mary Martin is a trauma sensitive mindfulness educator, a futures thinker, and the author of Mindfulness for Financial Advisors: Practicing A New Way of Being . She’s certified by Brown University to teach mindfulness-based stress reduction and has a PhD from NYU’s School of Culture, Education & Human Development.

Dr. Mary has worked in financial services for over two decades, has been teaching mindful awareness to advisors since 2015, and today she joins the show to share the work she does as a mindfulness educator, and why mindfulness is so critical in the field of financial advice.

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Key Takeaways

00:51 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Mary Martin, who joins the show to share the first financial lessons she learned, the early expectations she set for her life, and how she got into ghost writing

07:42 – Everything Dr. Mary learned about entrepreneurship she learned from her neighbors

13:31 – An independent mindset

19:05 – An awakening and the inspiration to teach financial advisors about mindfulness

31:17 – The absence of mindfulness in financial advisement

38:09 – How to identify which financial advisors are mindful

46:08 – The danger of falling into a trap of accumulation, consumption, and materialism

50:10 – A message of love

56:30 – One thing Dr. Mary would like others to know about her and the one question she would like to know the answer to

57:51 – Jonathan thanks Dr. Mary for joining the show today and lets listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“What I always managed to do is find people who had wonderful things to teach me - theseamazing mentors - and work with fantastic, fun colleagues. And I was always making moremoney than anybody else my age .”(05:25) (Mary)

“Everything I learned about entrepreneurship I learned from my neighbors.” (07:47) (Mary)

“With this contemplative practice all of these years, I somehow failed to recognize that I had a body. I was this brain walking around in a meat suit. What I was doing with my body was all superficial.” (21:25) (Mary)

“Whenever I define mindfulness for people I say, ‘Notice you didn’t hear the word ‘calm’ in there. And you didn’t hear the word ‘relaxation’ in there. And you didn’t hear the word ‘bliss’ in there. And you didn’t hear the words ‘clearing your mind’ or ‘stopping your thoughts.’” (24:07) (Mary)

“Your superpower should not be super. Your superpower is that you’re a human being and you understand how you operate. And, when you understand how you operate - and your own suffering and where that comes from and what that feels like, and your own regret, and your own shame, and your own pain - you don’t understand someone else through and through, but you are able to empathize. Your own pain is a bridge to somebody else.” (30:17) (Mary)

“You have a way of being no matter what. Whenever you walk into a room, you have a way of being, so what is it? Do you even know? Do you have a way of exploring that with yourself in a compassionate way? And do you have a way of being with and working with your own moment- to-moment experience?” (41:32) (Mary)

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