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13th Jan 2023

040: Toby Bloomberg - The Integration of Passion & Self: Food, Intentionality & Knowing Your Product

Toby Bloomberg is one of the original web-marketing leaders. Forbes listed her original Diva Marketing Blog as one of the top twenty social media blogs for women. She put together the first book ever written on Twitter by interviewing forty marketing leaders over Twitter and compiling their 140 character answers into her successful ebook, Social Media Marketing GPS.

Today, Toby joins the show to discuss the power of being intentional and following a dream, advice she would give to entrepreneurs looking to integrate social media marketing into their businesses, and her vision for her latest venture, Diva Foodies.

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Key Takeaways

01:07 – Jonathan takes a moment to read a five-star review and encourages listeners to leave their own reviews

02:07 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Toby Bloomberg, who joins the show to share her early passion for entrepreneurship

09:17 – How Toby translated ‘intention’ to give herself permission to follow her dream

14:01 – Passion, Talent, & Opportunity

15:26 – Toby’s mission and vision for Diva Foodies

21:33 – One piece of social media marketing advice to focus on and one thing to absolutely ignore

27:23 – Know your customer, know your product

30:11 – One thing Toby would like others to know about her and the one question she would want to know the truth about

Tweetable Quotes

“I grew up in a family where my dad owned a Marketing Research company. And so, we literally grew up in the business. The business was almost like another sibling.” (03:43) (Toby)

“I think, for me, being intentional means that I have more of a structure to work with and I have a definite focus. So, when I decided to go down this road, I didn’t really have a network here in Atlanta, where I’m based, and I didn’t really have a network nationwide. But I did have a network of marketers and social media friends, but not within the culinary world. So, what I began to do is I went back to where I had gained network, community, and success. And that was, believe it or not, in social media.” (12:19) (Toby)

“That’s what I found within the culinary world. I found the integration of passion and self. And Ifound that the chefs and the foodpreneurs were people that were willing to step out and takethat chance so their small businesses hopefully will grow to be larger businesses. But that’swhere I found my passion within that world.”(16:43) (Toby)

“It used to be called ‘the long tail,’ where there wasn’t a lot of competition in that part. And so, if you could find something where there’s not a lot of competition - which is in ‘the long tail’ - even though the audience may be smaller, you’re more likely to cut through the clutter and you’re more likely to get heard.” (24:09) (Toby)

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