Episode 39

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6th Jan 2023

039: Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghe - Creating A Delicious Relationship with Money Through Healing, Movement, and Energetics

Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghe is a Spiritual Somatic Movement Mentor. She speaks of movement as medicine and she’s on a mission to eradicate childhood trauma due to poverty.

Today, Sharmeen joins the show to share lessons she learned from her own experiences with childhood financial trauma, why we’ve become so disassociated with our own bodies and initial steps we can take to heal our bodies and minds from financial trauma.

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Key Takeaways

01:09 – Jonathan takes a moment to read a five-star review and encourages listeners to leave their own reviews

01:47 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghel, who joins the show to share her early memories of childhood trauma created by poverty

11:40 – Working through financial trauma through energetics

17:27 – How we got so disassociated with our own bodies

20:12 – The first step to healing our bodies

22:50 – Common examples of financial childhood trauma

25:06 – Overcoming a lack of self-worth through movement

31:28 – Imprinting an abundance mindset into our bodies as well as our minds

33:38 – One piece of financial relationship advice to focus on and one thing to absolutely ignore

36:52 – The last thing Sharmeen changed her mind about and one thing she would like others to know about her

Tweetable Quotes

“Basically what I’ve learned is the energy behind what money actually is. And, when we move it from this physical, ‘I can’t have’ paper substance to the understanding that it is energy, then it changes the perspective on how much we can have. And so, for me, my relationship with money has actually blossomed and grown and become this delicious relationship that I’m fully in love with through healing, and through movement, and through energetics.” (09:46) (Sharmeen)

“It is really about connecting with the sensations in the body. And my belief through my years of research and even my own experience is that the subconscious mind, or subconscious programming - the things that are sticky and still holding us in those fear states or any of those high emotional states - lives in your body and communicates with us through the body’s sensations.” (15:42) (Sharmeen)

“Either way, the impact on the psyche and the way the brain is actually formed - and it’s not what the brain thinks, but how it’s formed - it’s the structural beingness of the brain that changes when we experience trauma.” (23:34) (Sharmeen)

“We hear so much about ‘money mindset, money mindset, money mindset.’ It’s drilled into us that we have to have this money mindset and do affirmations and meditations and all these things. But the truth of the matter is that the mindset that we’re trying to change - the structures in the brain - we’re forgetting that it’s also in the body.” (31:28) (Sharmeen)

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