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31st Jul 2022

018: Tatiana Tsoir - Dream Bold & Build a Business That Changes Your Life

Visionary accountant, empowerment speaker and author, Tatiana Tsoir brings her years of experience as a serial entrepreneur to the show today. Tatiana coined the term, ‘almost- preneurs,’ and helps artists, moms, creatives, and freelancers figure out how to make a living doing what they love.

Today, Jonathan and Tatiana discuss the freedom that entrepreneurship offers, business resiliency, price psychology and the importance of truly understanding your value and worth as an entrepreneur.

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Key Takeaways

01:09 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Tatiana Tsoir, who shares early lessons she learned about entrepreneurship

10:31 – The inspiration behind Tatiana’s book, Dream Bold, Start Smart

12:19 – Validating your idea before launching your business

16:06 – Learning to delegate

17:42 – The importance of knowing your numbers

22:11 – Price psychology and understanding your value

24:09 – The direct correlation between personal goals and business goals

26:30 – Business resiliency

31:27 – How Tatiana has pivoted in her own business

35:09 – One piece of financial advice entrepreneurs should heed and one piece of advice to ignore

37:34 – The last thing Tatiana changed her mind about and one thing that she would like people to know about her

39:58 – Jonathan thanks Tatiana for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“I didn’t realize that I was running a bookkeeping business until my dad said that phrase, ‘I’m an entrepreneur at heart.’ And I thought, ‘Wait a minute. I’m doing the same exact thing. It’s just a different service.’” (09:10)

“I wrote the book for someone who has a business idea but cannot afford to fail. And so, when I was writing the book, I had moms and creatives in mind. This book came as a result of fifteen years of experience working with small businesses and seeing their ups and downs. I was privy to the most intimate part of it all, the finances. Seeing how people make decisions, how small businesses decide to move forward, I realized that a lot of it has to do with emotions. A lot of it has to do with emotional decisions, which is not always the right choice.” (10:42)

“A lot of people are intimidated by numbers. So, I say that it has to be at least a ‘back of the napkin’ calculation. What’s the initial investment? Do you have that money? If you don’t, how do you get it? Do you look for an investor or a bank loan? Also, every investor or bank loan would ask you, ‘What’s your business plan?’” (17:53)

“Once you understand what your line expenses are, you understand how much you can afford, what you will do if there are zero sales happening, and how you will cover that expense. And you’ll also need to know how to price your product or service to cover your expenses.” (21:31)

“What we do personally directly affects our business. I believe that business is personal. You don’t build a business just for the heck of building a business. You build a business so that you can have a better life. And so, there’s a direct correlation between personal goals and business goals.” (25:29)

“It’s my personal belief that too many entrepreneurs build on just the vision alone and don’t support it by numbers. So, the one thing that anyone can and should do is don’t fake it til you make it when it comes to money numbers and taxes. The earlier you face it, the better and the quicker you’ll go.” (35:32)

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