Episode 17

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22nd Jul 2022

017: Harry Duran - A Spiritual Guide to Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Finding Your Passion

Jonathan welcomes Harry Duran, Host of Podcast Junkies and Vertical Farming Podcast and Founder of FullCast. In this episode Harry shares his insights on what it takes to be a successful podcaster, including the importance of focus, productivity, and building relationships.

Harry and the FullCast team also helped launch the Mindful Money podcast and support Jonathan in the production and marketing of these episodes.

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Key Takeaways

22:23 – If you want to start your own business, there are plenty of free resources available. You don't need to pay for everything up front - only pay for what will get you there faster. Focus on learning what you need to take the next step, rather than hoarding knowledge.

26:20 - On building a personal brand - Take the time to build a strong personal brand that will attract an audience and make you stand out from the crowd.

31:59 - The most jarring thing for entrepreneurship, coming out of that disciplined 9-5f is being responsible for your own time and having the disciplines to put in some structure.

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The War of Art - Steven Pressfield

Work the System - Sam Carpenter

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