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13th May 2022

007: Bari Tessler - Money Healing, Savvy Practices and Big Picture Financial Visioning

Bari Tessler is a financial therapist, author and founder of The Art of Money. For over twenty years, Bari has worked with individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs to provide them with a more creative, mindful and deep approach to money. Today, Bari brings that knowledge and expertise to discuss her three phases of deep money work: Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps. Bari talks about self-compassion, understanding the emotions surrounding money and your money story, and how to overcome universal money challenges that can be overwhelming at times.

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Key Takeaways

00:52 – Bari Tessler discusses her upbringing and how it impacted her financial life moving forward

10:01– From psychology at Naropa University to bookkeeping to financial therapy

19:47 – Self-compassion and The Art of Money

21:56 – Becoming aware of your money story

25:50 – The importance of going on ‘Money Dates’

33:45 – Money Maps and making sound money decisions

37:24 – Universal money challenges that overwhelm most of us

42:07 – Two financial tips that can improve your financial well-being

46:46 – Top trends to ignore in the financial space

50:42 – How Bari is raising her son to think about money

55:05 – The last thing Bari changed her mind about

56:52 – Bari’s next big projects and where listeners can go to learn more

Tweetable Quotes

“At the age of thirty-two, I decided to start my own work and that’s when I created my methodology. And my husband said, ‘Oh you’re doing financial therapy.’ He named it, so he’s always been my namer. And I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a great name.’” (17:57)

“Awareness is something that many of us don’t have, or we feel we have too much of, or we have a hyper-vigilance of. And so, how can we start welcoming in a practice like the Body Check-In before, during, and after.” (25:35)

“Money dates can be with yourself. They can be with your spouse or your partner. They can be with your family. Money dates can be five minutes a day at the beginning. It may just be going online to check your balances. Or going online and checking your balances to see the transactions to see if there’s anything funny.” (28:17)

“For me, most of my money decisions are based on time, money, energy, family and health.” (36:33)

Guest Resources

Bari’s Website – https://baritessler.com/ 

Bari’s Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/baritessler 

Bari’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/baritessler/ 

Bari’s Books: 

The Art of Money: https://baritessler.com/art-of-money-book-2/  

The Art of Money Workbook: https://baritessler.com/art-of-money-workbook/

Books Mentioned:

The Opposite of Spoiled: 


The Importance of Being Little: 


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