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16th Aug 2023

070: Linda Case - Psychology, Money & Curating a Healthy Financial Mindset

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Linda Case is a financial therapist and financial coach with over thirty years combined experience in financial services, professional counseling, and coaching. She coaches her clients to manage their money and mindset so they can get firmly on the path to financial freedom and comfortable retirement.

Today, Linda joins the show to speak about female entrepreneurship, why the best laid financial plans don’t always pan out, and her thoughts on the conditioning of limited beliefs.

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Key Takeaways

00:51 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Linda Case, who joins the show to talk about financial trauma and curating a healthy financial mindset

12:03 – Linda reflects on the impact that the Great Recession of 2008-2009 had on her

16:43 – F3 Cubed

20:54 – From financial advisor to psychologist

27:11 – Staggering statistics on successful female entrepreneurship

31:27 – The conditioning of limited beliefs and how women, in particular, are conditioned

38:58 – Understanding the role that shame and forgiveness plays in finances

43:21 – Hypnosis & Energy

52:58 – One thing that women in particular can do to lead to greater personal and financial success and one thing to avoid doing

55:01 – Something people don’t know about Linda that she would like them to know and the one question Linda would want to know the answer to

56:14 – Jonathan thanks Linda for joining the show and lets listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“I didn’t have that knowledge of limiting beliefs. All I had was the upbringing that I had. You come in with these core sets of beliefs and until they come to awareness, you’re looking at your life and saying, ‘Whoa, this is a problem. Do I want to address this or do I want to push it back down and wait until it springs up again?’” (11:18) (Linda)

“It wasn’t until I really delved deeper into the spiritual aspects of money and getting my training on energy psychology that really, I think, developed into this program that I created.” (17:44) (Linda)

“It’s a small percent [of female entrepreneurs] that breaks out of that microbusiness mold. And, I just have to attribute that to a lot of belief that we have been brought up with that we don’t speak up for ourselves, and don’t go after, and are busy taking care of other people.” (27:31) (Linda)

“We all are conditioned, male and female, and it starts at a very early age. Seven is when we start to develop the conscious reasoning part - the logical part - of our brain. But before that, we’re pretty much walking around in a hypnotic state.” (31:44) (Linda)

“I have clients coming in and it’s not specifically money related, but we end up having those discussions. And I think I have helped them feel safe having that conversation with me. But, unfortunately, so many people out there don’t have a safe place to go where they’re not going to be judged.” (39:45) (Linda)

“Your imagination, when you want to create something, is all there. It’s all there. You don’t know how it’s gonna show up, but be open to synchronicities.” (54:19) (Linda)

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