Episode 66

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19th Jul 2023

066: Sarah Howard - Wealthy In Community While Striving for Economic Equity

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Sarah Howard is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and social innovator. Her first entrepreneurial venture was Twenty Twenty Studios where she still tells compelling stories and produces interactive experiences for her clients. Sarah is passionate about social and economic equity. She is also the Founder of Zero Gap, where she engages men and women in dialogue about gender equity.

Today, she’s more focused on equity through the lens of climate future. She joins the show to talk about how she’s seeking to transform her own relationship with money.

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Key Takeaways

00:58 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Sarah Howard, who joins the show to talk about early lessons she learned about entrepreneurship through farming and how she is wealthy in community

06:39 – Sarah’s money origin story 0

9:39 – Sarah’s ongoing projects that she’s apart of

12:33 – The biggest challenges facing Sarah in her quest for gender and climate equity

15:08 – Where Sarah got her passion for social activism and why she’s currently focused on climate change

19:31 – How tackling social issues for profit works

23:13 – Defining success and meaning

27:07 – External vs. internal success factors

30:03 – One thing that we can do to lead to greater personal and financial success and one thing to avoid doing

33:22 – One thing Sarah would like others to know about her and the one question Sarah would want to know the answer to

37:12 – Jonathan thanks Sarah for joining the show and lets listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“I think one of the key aspects of the entrepreneurial nature of farming is the inconsistency of income and the need to balance through the ups and downs of managing finances.” (02:45) (Sarah)

“When I think about the ways in which I am wealthy, I am certainly wealthy in community.” (05:56) (Sarah)

“One of the reasons that I find climate to be so compelling is that it is the true ‘systems change’ issue. I think there have been really large, very important issues that don’t have the same levels of cross cutting across everything that crosses our lives the way that climate does, nor does it have the same level of urgency.” (18:01) (Sarah)

“I think a lot about how I define success. I think that’s been a personal journey. I really have been fortunate and have worked really hard at defining that for myself. And it’s allowed me to have a very rich life and career. And it has meant not having the same levels of traditional success financially. That hasn’t bothered me.” (23:30) (Sarah)

“I think reflecting on our stories about money is really profound and can change not just ourselves, but the world that we live in. And, if there was one story within the story of money that I think is a dominant story that I would love to see shifted it’s the ‘Zero Sum Story’ to one of abundance and sustainability. I think that’s entirely possible. That is what I believe is the hope of this moment as we face climate crisis is that there’s the ability to shift that whole mindset.” (31:14) (Sarah)

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