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23rd Jun 2023

063: Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas - The Power of Thinking Yourself Confident

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Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is a confidence expert, a ‘Queen of Metaphors and Analogies,’ and the Founder and CEO of Think Yourself Academy, an organization offering leading edge courses, trainings and events. Nathalie combines ten years in human resources, twenty five years in Sales and thirty years in the fitness industry and has inspired over 100,000 people in audiences around the world. She’s a number one International best-selling author of fifteen books on success, wellness, communication and empowerment.

Today, Nathalie joins the show to talk about her latest book, Think Yourself Confident: Fifteen Keys to Increase Confidence, Ignite Performance & Unlock Your Full Potential.

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Key Takeaways

00:48 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, who joins the show to talk about how she shifted her mindset about money and the power of the unconscious mind

12:04 – The origin of Nathalie’s Think Yourself program

16:03 – Reprogramming negative self-talk

20:38 – The Emotional Delivery Truck

28:42 – Tips for getting out of an emotional loop or limiting belief

38:15 – One piece of advice for those looking to change their mindset and one thing to completelyn avoid

46:20 – Trusting your power

47:48 – Jonathan thanks Nathalie for joining the show and lets listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“I realized that the biggest learning of all was not how to invest it. This knowledge exists. We know the knowledge. It starts with how you think about money in your head and all these limiting beliefs. I had to get rid of those limiting beliefs, especially that one: when you make more money, you spend more money so you always live paycheck to paycheck. So, I had to see abundance differently. I had to change my mindset about money.” (03:14) (Nathalie)

“The unconscious mind can handle 2.3 million pieces of information every second. Five to nine, for the logical mind, but 2.3 million for the unconscious mind. That is where the power is and that is what you want to tap into. And I call this your ‘personal assistant.’” (11:41) (Nathalie)

“In your prefrontal cortex all emotions are created equally. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between anxiety or excitement. So if you choose it’s anxiety, you will pollute yourself with 1,400 chemicals - cortisol that is gonna slow you down. Or you can choose that it’s excitement or curiosity. If you go into excitement or curiosity, your brain will send feel-good chemicals through your bloodstream and make you very resourceful to face whatever it is that you’re facing.” (27:38) (Nathalie)

“You’ve heard of affirmations. A lot of people do affirmations. The problem is affirmations don’t work if you don’t believe them. And, very often, there’s way too much of a disconnect between the reality and the affirmation.” (30:11) (Nathalie)

“And that’s what I do. I remove people’s triggers so that you don’t have to respond to an event, or a comment, or a behavior in that specific way.” (44:55) (Nathalie)

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