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26th May 2023

059: Jordan Olmscheid - More Than a Window Washer: Helping People See More Clearly

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Jordan Olmscheid is a ‘girl dad,’ husband, Christian, and a small business owner/solopreneur. By day, he runs a one-person (him) cleaning business, where he washes windows and cleans gutters. Jordan also has a very interesting side project, The Wealth Letters, where he collects insights from people of all walks of life on the pursuit of wealth, wisdom & meaning.

Today, Jordan joins the show to discuss faith, money’s impact on happiness, and what his ultimate goal is for The Wealth Letters.

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Key Takeaways

00:54 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Jordan Olmscheid, who joins the show to discuss his exposure to entrepreneurship at a young age and his incredibly voracious work ethic

08:17 – Jordan expounds on how he built a successful cleaning business from scratch

13:17 – The decision to scale back instead of grow the business

20:58 – Why Jordan describes himself as ‘just a window washer,’ despite his many previous successes

28:17 – What inspired Jordan to start The Wealth Letters

33:52 – Money and happiness and Jordan’s favorite letter

40:11 – Jordan’s ultimate goal for The Wealth Letters and how to connect with Jordan

43:42 – One thing we can do to have better satisfaction in our lives and one thing to completely avoid

46:09 – One thing Jordan has changed his mind about recently and the one question he would want to know the answer to

50:23 – Jonathan thanks Jordan for joining the show today and for sharing his story

Tweetable Quotes

“For the most part on the residential side, most people - if they choose to get their windows done - get them done twice a year. So kind of a Spring and a Fall type schedule. Some people do the insides themselves, but we do them both if needed.” (12:48) (Jordan)

“That allowed the ability for me to be able to downsize to myself. I do still have a couple of part- timers that help me out as needed, but I do mostly commercial work now. And most of it is contract work. I have a handful of my own accounts that I still have that I service under my business as my customers, but most of what we do now is contract work, which works for my lifestyle.” (17:36) (Jordan)

“The expectation on myself was that I was going high-profile job, maybe I was going to be in medical or something like a lawyer, or something like that. And to look at what I’m doing now, I don’t think my younger high school self would have thought that this would be a successful route.” (22:16) (Jordan)

“It is ok to have an occupation or to have a day job that supports your family, your kids, and your lifestyle. And it’s ok to have passions outside of your work. Work doesn’t need to be the definition of who you are.” (26:01) (Jordan)

“That has been a very interesting thing that I’ve noticed that has bled across the letters so far is that everybody’s want for money really isn’t different. We all want it. We all want more of it. But man, the levels of what’s needed is very different or people’s goals of what they want to do with money is very different.” (36:14) (Jordan)

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