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28th Apr 2023

055: Hanna Bier - Making Decisions Based on Soul: Creating Abundance by Living in Joy

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Hanna Bier is an energy healer, a family constellation expert, and a certified life coach. She works with ambitious women all over the world to recreate their relationship with money in a life-affirming, positive, and loving way. Hanna spent seven years on the question, ‘Is it possible to create wealth without compromising health, wellness, or happiness?’ And the answer, she has found, is ‘Yes.’

Today, Hanna joins the show to talk about the generational shift of money mindsets, the importance of energy, intuition and quietness of mind, and how she helps her clients transform their relationship with money from the inside out.

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Key Takeaways

00:47 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Hanna Bier, who joins the show to share her experience growing up in Germany, overcoming depression and financial lessons she learned early on

07:41 – Generational differences in money mindset

11:15 – Hanna explains her roles as energy healer, family constellation expert, and life coach

16:13 – The importance of slowing down and asking deep questions

25:21 – Hanna reflects on her mother’s experience and what she learned from it

28:53 – Family constellation therapy explained

34:33 – Money bliss and ‘money magic’

40:36 – Why it’s ok to let money matter

48:05 – Lies about money

52:39 – One piece of financial advice to heed and one thing to completely ignore

57:04 – The last thing Hanna changed her mind about and one thing she wishes others knew about her

1:00:22 – Jonathan thanks Hanna for joining the show today and lets listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“One of the things that I now explore with my clients is the idea of making choices based on money versus making choices based on soul. Without being able to put words, that was what I was seeking when I was younger.” (06:11) (Hanna)

“I don’t think we’d be able to dream these gigantic, outrageous dreams if it weren’t for the comfort and the stability that the previous generations have built. That’s kind of how I see it. We’re building upon the amazingness that we already have, because if not we would be in the same boat.” (10:19) (Hanna)

“It always starts with ourselves. As we begin to clear our own debris, we can then also teach the people in our lives. And we can notice, ‘Oh, the dirt is accumulating with my kids, with my spouse, with my parents, with whoever is open to hearing about it’ And so we pass on the tools. That is the world we dream of.” (20:28) (Hanna)

“In my experience, life coaching brings you an ability to work with life and to effectively move through the seasons and cycles of life and to extract the good stuff so you can grow, and be stronger, and better, and healthier as a result of it.” (24:49) (Hanna)

“So, in family constellation therapy, we work in the energy field of your family system. And so all of the souls of your family are present. This is great news for those of us who have parents who are deceased, incarcerated, institutionalized, who may be crazy or violent and we can’t be in the room with them.” (29:52) (Hanna)

“Money is a life force energy on this planet. It’s also a means of expressing appreciation to one another. This is why I’m so passionate about having conversations around money and weaving those truths into those conversations.” (43:14) (Hanna)

“Money is something that is man made. It is a structure that we’ve created. The origins of money can be traced back and yet it is an expression of appreciation, it is a means of exchange of value. And I do believe that money is a natural resource - something that we use to nourish and support ourselves and each other.” (48:15) (Hanna)

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