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9th Dec 2022

037: Yvonne DiVita - Bleeding on the Page & Pulling Stories Out of People

Yvonne DiVita is an author, book coach, author advisor, and overall book whisperer. She loves helping women especially share their stories and speak louder than ever before.

Today, Yvonne joins the show to share how she helps entrepreneurs and successful business professionals enhance their brand, generate leads & market their business by writing a book. Jonathan and Yvonne touch on the evolution of the publishing industry, the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus print on demand, and the process of pulling stories out of people.

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Key Takeaways

01:10 – Jonathan takes a moment to read a five-star review and encourages listeners to leave their own reviews

01:51 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Yvonne DiVita, who joins the show to share early financial lessons she learned from her mother and the value of building a neighborhood out of your network

10:23 – Yvonne’s passion for writing and what led to Nurturing Big Ideas

18:38 – The evolution of the publishing industry

25:00 – Benefits from going the traditional publisher route versus print on demand

29:52 – Pulling stories out of people and the value Yvonne provides to her clients

34:43 – Identifying authors to work with

39:09 – Ways to turn your book into revenue

41:07 – The importance of your message and Yvonne’s latest projects

45:21 – The last thing Yvonne changed her mind about and one thing she would like others to know about her

Tweetable Quotes

“A lot of what had to happen in the home fell on my shoulders. So, I lost a lot of my childhood because I was busy cleaning, cooking, and taking care of my brother and sister.” (07:10) (Yvonne)

“I think that when we open our minds to that idea of having a network that is extended, and building a neighborhood of people through that network, it becomes a really powerful and wonderful thing.” (09:44) (Yvonne)

“A lot of authors and writers, while they graduated sixth grade and can put a paragraph together, they don’t understand where to put the power words. They don’t understand that maybe this particular word doesn’t work for their audience. They’re still writing from the mindset of, ‘This is my book.’ And at Nurturing Big ideas we say, ‘Yes, it’s your book, but it’s for the reader. You’re not writing it so you can publish it and put it on your bookshelf. You’re writing it because you want other people to buy it, read it, and do something. You don’t just want them to read it.’” (20:20) (Yvonne)

“Nobody wants to read a report. Let’s tell some stories. So, they’ll tell a story and I will go back to them and say, ‘I love this story. However, how were you really feeling that day?’ And, in the end, I say, ‘You have to bleed on the page.’ If you don’t bleed on the page - if you’re not crying the same way that your audience is bleeding and crying - then when they get to your book they won’t take you seriously.” (31:41) (Yvonne)

“Women are especially trying to start new businesses. More women than men are starting new businesses all the time and they want to look to other women. But the vast majority of business books out there are written by men.” (42:46) (Yvonne)

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